Re-visiting Patarei: Abandoned Soviet Prison

Guided Tour of Patarei (2014) “This place is not fit for humans and never has been” Still utterly fascinating and darkly captivating, Patarei Prison sits ominously on the Baltic coast;

Patarei Vangla: Abandoned Soviet Prison not fit for Humans

The imposing abandoned structure of Patarei Prison, just a stones throw from the main harbour, serves as a stark reminder of the brutality of the Soviet regime and offers a tantalising glimpse into the grim nature of prison life in Estonia during the late twentieth century. These images were taken on my first visit to […]

9 travel tips to help you explore Estonia like a real traveller

How can I make the most of my time in Estonia and have a real adventure? Good question. Here are nine tips I’ve developed during my time in Estonia that I believe will help you to explore the city like a real traveller.

Linnahall: portrait of an abandoned Soviet-era concert hall

Linnahall (a.k.a V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture and Sports) is one of the biggest eyesores in all of Tallinn; drab, grey and ugly… perhaps this is why I love it so much.

My Alternative Tallinn Travel Guide: Discover the real Hidden Tallinn

More than ten years of knowledge and experience, in one place. Here is my Alternative Tallinn Travel Guide.

8 Abandoned Places to explore in and around Tallinn

[Originally posted in 2017. How things have changed. You can see my updated list here] Estonia is full of secrets. Museums and history books will tell you the official stories but the real secrets are hidden below this superficial surface.

Cycling in Tallinn: The 5 best rides in the Estonian capital

There is no better way to explore Tallinn than on two wheels. Cycling offers the kind of flexibility, freedom and fun that motorised transport simply cannot. Hidden side-streets, secret forest paths and enticing neighbourhoods all become accessible when you venture out on a bicycle.