6 budget meals for €6 or less: Cheap, tasty food in Tallinn

Right, I’ll keep this intro brief because you look like you’re hungry…

We all love to eat. That’s a fact.

We all love a bargain. Another fact.

Eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Tallinn can easily add up to €40+ a day if you’re not careful.

If only there was some kind of list containing the best budget meals in Tallinn; helping travellers save money without compromising on amazing flavour…


Here are 6 cheap AND delicious meals for €6 or less In Tallinn!

Head isu.

#1. Kompressor

{Giant Pancakes – €5}

An true Tallinn institution. An essential stop-off for any food-lover regardless of your budget.

Honestly, the pancakes here are the size of a tablecloth and are guaranteed to fill up even the emptiest of stomachs. Everything but the salmon pancake (€5.50) comes in at under €5 so there really is no reason to go hungry while exploring the Old Town. It’s the perfect cheap meal.

Dishes under €6: all pancakes!

Have I missed something? Is your favourite cheap meal not on this list? If so, let me know in the comments below!

There are so many new places opening in Tallinn that it can be hard to keep up! I absolutely love eating and talking about great food, so don’t be shy. If you know of a great place that’s missing from this list, speak up.

#2. Burger Box

{Beef. Pulled pork. Felafel burgers – €6}

…and don’t forget the Laksa – also €6

The best felafel burger in town. Many burger joints have opened up in Tallinn over the past year, but in terms of value for money, Burger Box is the best.

The menu is simple, but everything on it has been carefully crafted with love, passion and attention to detail. Fresh veggies, homemade sauces and a full stomach are guaranteed.

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming decor, these burgers (and sometimes the staff) have attitude.

Dishes under €5: Classic beef burger, Asian pulled pork burger, Felafel burger (my absolute favourite), Kimchi fries and Laksa.

#3. Kaja Pizza Köök

{Game-changing Pizza – starting from €5.50}

For years Tallinn has been crying out for authentic sourdough pizza cooked in a wood-fire oven.

Ok, when I say “Tallinn”, that really means “I” have been crying out for authentic, sourdough, wood-fire pizza.

The guys at Kaja Pizza have rode in on a white horse to save the day. A truly magnificent price for a truly magnificent pizza. If you can squeeze out an extra Euro or two you have full access to their entire menu. This is an absolutely joyful culinary experience, straight from the backstreets of Naples.

This is easily one of my favourite places in the entire city.

Check out the menu here

#4. Lendav Taldrik

{Authentic Veggie Curry – starting at €5.80}

{Daily Lunchtime Deals – €5 or less}

Yes, the aloo palak (potato and spinach) curry does cost €5.90 (a full 90 cents over our €5 budget) but don’t worry, there is method to my madness.

Not only is this curry hearty, well-balanced, authentic and healthy but on regular occassions I have been unable to finish this dish in one sitting. The surplus curry goes into a doggy bag, comes home with me and provides the basis for a second meal later in the day – that’s two meals for the price of one.

Top tips:

  • Check out the amazing daily lunchtime deals on their Facebook Page
  • Come here with a few friends and order a few cheese naans as well. The total bill will still come in at around €5 per person and you have the added benefit of being able to try more food!

Dishes under €6, but totally worth the extra cents: Tarka Daal and Aloo Palak

#5. F-Hoone

{Asian-inspired soups – €3.50}

{Dumplings – €4.80}

{Breakfast sandwiches – from €3.50}

Put simply: this is the best budget breakfast in Tallinn. When it comes to value for money, ‘fulness’ of stomach and ‘coolness’ of location, F-Hoone wins, hands down.

Maybe you woke up too late for breakfast? Never fear, the spicy coconut soup is here! This creamy, fragrant coconut broth is perfectly spiced and comes with a choice of prawns, flaked salmon or succulent mushrooms. With generous quantities of fresh bread to dip this is my go-to cheap lunch whenever I am in Telliskivi. Delicious!

Dishes under €5: spicy coconut soup, beetroot soup with pastrami and their ENTIRE breakfast menu

#6. Bueno Gourmet, Street Food Van

{Chilean-style Sanwiches – €5}

“Our motivation is to provide a tasty, fresh made, no preservatives, 100% real meat product at an affordable price” (a quote from owners Jorge and Eve).

Trust me, these guys deliver on that promise.

These Latin-American-inspired sandwiches are so moorish that after one bite you’ll be frantically Googling flight prices to Chile; I guarantee it!

Highlights for under €6: hamburger, fajitao, churrasco, double hamburger, veggie wrap, vegan wrap and beef burrito

3 thoughts on “6 budget meals for €6 or less: Cheap, tasty food in Tallinn

  1. Tanja Reply

    Since Telliskivi area is mentioned, please don’t forget Noodle Box. It’s a walk away from Telliskivi Loomelinnak, right at the corner of Telliskivi and Ristiku street and it’s a true gem.
    Delicious Kimchi soup, Dan Dan noodles, Rice balls and dumplings and all for 5€ or less. Plus it’s vegan if that matters to you. Who said vegan is a healthy salad? Come for some deep-fried spicy munchies.

  2. Ron Borenstein Reply

    khachapuri king in Balti Jaama turg has a 3 euro soup and 2.5 euro khachapuris.
    Tai Baan in Kopli 2 (Kauplis Aasia) has great Thai food and cheap
    Samsa truck in the train station has nice nice pies (tsiburek is my absolute favorite)

    1. tomtonks Reply

      Thanks for your contribution Ron. I haven’t checked out these places myself but I’m always happy to have new recommendations!

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