15 Essential Websites and Apps for Travellers in Tallinn (Tinder not included!)

I was just about to write a long and witty introduction to this piece, but then I realised that the title speaks for itself.

Here are 15 really useful websites and apps to save you time, give you inspiration and generally enhance your visit to Estonia.

#1. Taxify

The easiest way to find a taxi in Tallinn. Set your location, choose your car, watch your ride approach with the GPS tracker and there you go – it’s as easy as that!

#2. Wolt

A food delivery app. Search nearby restaurants, browse menus and order food straight to your front door (or pick it up yourself if you’re feeling particularly energetic).

#3. Päevapakkumised

Many restaurants in Tallinn offer special lunch time deals. This amazing website compiles them all in one place. You may need Google translate (or, even better, an Estonian friend) to help you understand some of the menu items but this is only a small inconvenience. Cheap lunches await!

#4. Menyyd

Staying with the food theme, Menydd is a brand new app that allows you to browse menus of nearby restaurants saving you time and the pain of dragging a hungry stomach through the streets, desperately searching for food.

#5. Like A Local

“Like A Local Guide is about finding those cool and hidden spots that locals like to hang out and missing the tourist traps. All our content is created by selected locals who’ve lived in their city for years and really know what they’re talking about.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. This app is fantastic for finding great restaurants, tours, cafés and anything quirky in Tallinn.

You can also find my Myths and Legends Tour on Like A Local!

#6. Soiduplaan (Android App)

For all your public transportation needs. Browse timetables, plan journeys and look up ticket information. Not very exciting, but damn it’s useful!

#7. Direct Ferries

Fancy taking the ferry to Helsinki or Stockholm? The Direct Ferries website allows you to compare companies, prices and, once you’re happy, book those lovely tickets.

Have I missed anything?

Are there any essential apps that you have used during your time in Tallinn that fellow travellers and locals MUST know about?

If so, please let me know in the comments. Let’s make this the definitive list of useful Tallinn travel apps!

Also, if you have friends and you love them, share this list and let them know how much you care.


#8. National and International Bus Tickets

Browse and book bus tickets to destinations across Estonia and international buses to Russia, Poland and cities across the Baltics.

#9. Culture.ee and VisitTallinn Events and Calendar

Keep up-to-date with cultural events, festivals and exhibitions in Tallinn.

#10. RMK (App)

Probably my favourite app on this entire list.

RMK is an amazing organisation in charge of maintaining and managing the Estonian forests. Their aim is to help people connect with nature and appreciate the beautiful greenery that covers over 50% of the country.

Search for hiking routes, free campsites, cycle trails, wild swimming, observation towers and forest huts throughout Estonia. With GPS co-ordinates, a full run down of amenities and up-to-date information about the surrounding forest this really is a service to treasure.

#11. Bikemap

A great tool to help you discover cycling routes and bike maps not just in Tallinn but across Estonia and beyond.

#12. Giant VisitEstonia Map

Now this is an impressive feat. Discover pretty much anything in Estonia with this giant interactive map.

#13. Meetup.com

A great way to connect with locals and travellers. Join regular meetups across Tallinn or organise your own.

In their own words: “Meetup brings people together in thousands of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. It is organized around one simple idea: when we get together and do the things that matter to us, we’re at our best.”

This is a global travel tool.

#14. Google Maps

A pretty obvious one I know but it really is one of the most useful apps out there.

#15. Hidden Tallinn

Am I really saying that Hidden Tallinn is an “Essential Website for Travellers in Tallinn”?

Yes, I think I am.

Unique to Hidden Tallinn:
Craft Beer Guide
Myths and Legends
Abandoned Estonia


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