Hidden Tallinn is a travel blog founded by a passionate traveller who fell in love with the city over ten years ago and decided to make it his home. Through my tours and blog posts I aim to introduce you to a side of Tallinn that very few get to see, with a focus on abandoned places, hidden stories and forgotten corners. Over the years Hidden Tallinn has become a go-to resource for travellers and locals looking to explore the city beyond the typical tourist hotspots.


Hidden Tallinn Tours 🏚️
My own private tours. Great for small groups. Exploring the hidden corners of Tallinn.

Lantern Tours in English 🔦
The best tours of “Lantern Hikes” and Matkafy, available in English, with me as your guide.

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Explore Tallinn for free (PDF Download)

Here are my top ten ideas to help you make the most of your time in Tallinn while keeping to your budget! (Free PDF Download)