Tallinn TV Tower

Originally built to provide better communications for the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the TV Tower is a fascinating example of Soviet delusions of grandeur. Famously, this huge structure is the site where, in 1991, a handful of radio operators risked their lives to protect the free media of Estonia.

As Estonian independence loomed large on the horizon the order was given for Soviet assault troops to seize the TV Tower, a key pillar of communication to the outside world. Upon hearing this, ordinary Estonians turned out to protect the tower as a small group of brave armed locals barricaded themselves inside, standing their ground against the odds until the tanks were forced to turn back.

The TV Tower is perhaps the most important symbol of modern Estonia.

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  1. alex boundy Reply

    Hi there,

    I work for Topical Television, a small independent company based in Southampton. We are currently producing a new programme for BBC focusing on people who have had ‘close calls’ with danger and have a story to tell. The company has a track record of working sensitively with these sorts of incidents having produced ten series of BBC1’s ‘Real Rescues’.
    I’m writing to see if you would be willing to give us permission to use your photo of the Tallinn Tv Tower for a setup within the show. If you feel happy with allowing us to use it then please email me on alex.boundy@topical.co.uk and let me know!
    All the best,

    Alex Boundy

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