Cycling from London to Estonia: Summer Adventure

Adventure, exploration and freedom are the guiding principles of any great trip. Here at Hidden Tallinn, we try to delve beyond the everyday sights and sounds of the cities and towns to bring you the hidden stories and cool places that make Estonia such a rich and fascinating country to explore.

So with these principles in mind, the time has come to take Hidden Tallinn on the road!

This summer we have decided to swap backpacks and buses for two wheels and a tent as we embark on a 3,500km bicycle ride from London to Estonia. Our trip will be based on spontaneity and inquisitiveness as we follow our noses in search of more interesting stories from the road.

Although this means that our posts here at Hidden Tallinn will be sparse between now and the end of our journey, never fear! The saddle will be the perfect vantage point from which to uncover even more stories from Tallinn and beyond. So upon our return expect more eerie abandoned buildings, mysterious stories from Estonian folklore, crumbling Soviet industry and discoveries from the less trodden path.

In the mean time, you can follow our journey here at Cycling to Estonia

Happy Travels!



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