Soviet Tour of Tallinn {Memories from the past}

Tallinn is a city built on stories. For many travellers, one of the most intriguing stories in Estonian history is the period of Soviet occupation from the 1940s until 1991.

For Estonians, this is a period of mixed emotions. While some remember their youth somewhat fondly, there are many who look back with horror and despair at what transpired here under Soviet rule.

Remnants of the Soviet Union are littered across Tallinn. Many of the stories from this time are hidden behind rusty doors, cracked windows and padlocks. Some of them would like to remain hidden forever.

Sadly, for us travellers at least, the Soviet secrets are slowly disappearing but it’s still possible to catch a glimpse of the former empire.

On this Soviet tour, I will share all the secrets I know about this infamous period in Estonian history.

Image credit: Victor van Werkhooven

Remnants of the Soviet Union
{Tour Highlights}

# Brutalist Soviet architecture
# Stories of atrocities and dark times
# Soviet memorabilia
# Access to an abandoned Soviet factory [optional]
# Travel tips: where to find more Soviet secrets in Tallinn

Every tour is different. I regularly update the itinerary based on new discoveries and the accessibility of certain buildings.

How do I organise a tour?

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Every tour is different. I regularly update the itinerary based on new discoveries and the accessibility of certain buildings.

Why Hidden Tallinn?
{Tour Details}

#1. Smaller groups see more secrets

Small groups, chosen by you.

#2. There is no script, every tour is unique

Hidden Tallinn is an independent travel blog: it’s just me here!

#3. I chose to become a local

I’ve been exploring, photographing and writing about Estonia for ten years! Hidden Tallinn is my way of helping travellers explore the city and see it through my eyes.

#4. I don’t live on a schedule

Morning, afternoon or night. Let’s set a time together.

#5. You decide the price!

I don’t set a price. You can pay what you think the tour is worth.

Tallinn is changing fast: many of her secrets are disappearing. My passion is to protect these stories by sharing them with fellow travellers. A small donation will enable me to keep doing this!

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