Dalai Lama Speech in Freedom Square

Back in 2011, thousands of people flock to Freedom Square to hear a speech from the Dalai Lama, who was on a tour of the Baltic region at the time. This image, taken from the hill overlooking the vast square, really gave a sense of scale. So many people standing in silence just to hear one man speak.

As Estonia continues to stride purposefully into the twenty first century such high profile visits serve primarily to cement the ever-growing reputation of this tiny Baltic country as a forward-facing and progressive nation. The glistening freedom monument towering proudly behind the Dalai Lama perfectly encapsulates this journey from Cold War oppression to self-determined destiny.

0 thoughts on “Dalai Lama Speech in Freedom Square

  1. Laura Reply

    cool photo 🙂 But i missed the speech.
    greets from kenya
    How long will you stay in tallinn?


  2. Jess Reply

    Tom – this is amazing! I am so jealous. You all inspired? Wish I had heard him speak. Take it you’re having a fabulous time?!

    Can’t wait to hear about it all xx

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