The Russian Market

Tallinn boasts many clean, shiny and sterile shopping centres packed with the typical array of vastly over-priced clothing stores, chain restaurants and miserable faces but for a truly unique experience nowhere compares to the Russian market.

From second hand socks to chunks of raw meat, antique cameras, stuffed eagles and a staggering array of old Soviet knives and Nazi uniforms, the Russian market is the place to find almost anything your heart desires. So, step into the time machine and travel back to the Soviet times with a visit to this fascinating cultural locale.

What’s the Ryanair hand luggage policy on huge Soviet-era knives I wonder…

Football Boot from Russian Market

Russian Antique Shop

3 thoughts on “The Russian Market

  1. Laura Reply

    I can see you like kinky places. You should also go to the heart of Kopli – take tram nr 1 or 2 till the last stop and come back to town by walking. Try to grasp the beauty of those wooden houses (Kopli liinid and the nice ones mostly in Kalamaja) from 1920s and massive Stalin buildings.

    But make sure you will also put nice picture of Tallinn 🙂

  2. Jeppe Bang Krabbe Reply

    It’s gone now, turned into an indoor hipster market. Like five stalls left outside

    1. tomtonks Reply

      Sadly, it is true. Inside the hipster market there is an interesting display where you can read about the story of the market area.

      The stalls that are left can give you a small taste of what the whole area would’ve been like.

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