A Surprise in the Forest

On a bike ride through the surrounding forests of Tallinn one might stumble upon a few surprises. This huge statue depicts Kalevipoeg, son of Kalev, the mythical founder of Tallinn, a very important figure in Estonian mythology.

One of my favourite facts about this photograph is that I have no idea where it was taken. Tallinn is a city that rewards the inquisitive mind and it is with this spirit that my friend and I set out in the lingering light of dusk to explore a nearby forest (advice offered to us a few days earlier). Having heard that there was ‘something interesting’ hidden in the shaded expanse of green we needed no more convincing – our mission was set (we don’t need many excuses to go for a bike ride in Tallinn anyway).
With the battery on our smartphones running low we ditched the maps and embraced the simple freedom afforded by two wheels and an empty time-schedule; gliding, winding and stuttering our way through the terrain of the forest. The stillness of the air and gentle rustling of the leaves overhead combined with setting sun to form the most perfect conditions for an evening ride. When the giant beard and wise eyes of Kalevipoeg emerged from behind the trees the peace and quiet was momentarily disturbed by my brief exclamation of “oh, that’s cool”.

Our mission was complete. I took this photo, cycled back home under the warmth of the street lights and to this day I can’t remember where this clearing in the forest is or how we found it.

Simple, spontaneous evening adventures.


Kalev Statue

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