Abandoned Water Tower, Telliskivi

“Empty your mind. Be formless. Be shapeless. Like water, my friend.”

Information on this beautiful abandoned water tower is pretty limited.

Standing on the abandoned rail tracks that link Baalti Jaam with Telliskivi – Tallinn’s emerging centre of ‘hipster culture’ – it is impossible to overlook the eerie abandoned water tower, a striking yet somehow sombre structure, forgotten by the people of Tallinn. Perfect for urbex.

A constant stream of cars and pedestrians meander past the water tower, pre-occupied with the unceasing flow of daily life. No-one turns; no-one glances; no-one acknowledges this once proud structure, fading into the background, fading into memory. Ever-present, but increasingly over-looked.


…but wait, all hope is not lost. The water tower is not destined to be lost in obscurity while there are still people out there who care; explorers, people with intrigue, people who look past the every-day occurrences to what is hidden in the background, standing proud, beckoning you inside.

I love abandoned buildings. The passage of time has a great effect on forgotten and disused structures, as paint begins to peel, wood starts to discolour, floorboards creek and nature begins to reclaim what was once hers. There is a strange beauty to this urban decay that fuels imagination and intrigue.

The abandoned water tower, standing proud on Telliskivi is one of these structures. Mysterious, tempting and beautiful, in its own unique way.







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