Former KGB Headquarters

There are many remnants of the Soviet era still present in and around Tallinn. All of them provide a tantalising Β but incomplete glimpse into Estonia’s very recent and repressive past but few instil the same level of fear and intimidation as the former KGB Headquarters.

Withing the walls of this building, suspected enemies of the state were imprisoned and interrogated before being either shot or sent to labour camps in Siberia. Even today, the windows of the cellar are still bricked-up; a feature installed by the Soviets in order to block out the screams of those being tortured for information.

The commemorative plaque on the side of the building reads:

Β “This building housed the organ of repression of the Soviet occupational power. Here began the road to suffering for thousands of Estonians.”

An imposing structure in the heart of the Old Town serving as a stark reminder of a nation’s dark past.

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