Jägala Waterfall (Jägala Juga)

Approximately 30km to the East of Tallinn – along the Tallinn-Narva highway – lies Estonia’s tallest natural waterfall, Jägala. Measuring 8m in height and 50m in width she may be small compared to some of her cousins across the globe but nonetheless, up close, the power of the water is considerable as it cascades down over the falls. An archetypal example of gorgeous Estonia nature.

In the winter, the waters of the Jägala river completely freeze, creating a beautiful jagged ice sculpture stretching 50m along the edge of the limestone drop.

As an added bonus, the recently completed ‘Eurovelo 10’ route links this waterfall with the very centre of Tallinn through a series of well sign-posted, traffic-free cycle paths. What better reason do you need to dusk off the bike, pump up those tyres and go for a ride?

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