Tallinn TV Tower Re-Opens

News hot off the press: after lengthy refurbishments Tallinn’s iconic TV Tower has finally re-opened its doors to the public. This is very exciting news for a number of reasons, but right in at number one is the opportunity to gain a completely new visual perspective on Tallinn and the surrounding countryside with the aid of an awe-inspiring 360° panoramic viewing platform. The station is located 50 storeys (175m) above the base of the tower and promises an unrivalled spectacle.

Alongside the amazing view, there is an exhibition that aims to enlighten visitors on both the building of this gigantic tower and the tremendous historical importance of the structure. This magnificent yet somewhat imposing tower is arguably the most poignant symbol of the Estonian struggle against Soviet totalitarianism. Anyone remotely interested in modern Estonian history could not consider themselves educated on the matter without knowledge of the TV Tower and, in particular, the events of 20th August 1991.

A remarkable story; a remarkable structure; a proud nation.

Would you like to visit the TV Tower? Check out the official website HERE


0 thoughts on “Tallinn TV Tower Re-Opens

  1. rayannsom Reply


    Do you know if the panoramic views are being broadcasted online at all?

  2. tomtonks Reply

    The best i could find online was this brief description of the view from the official website… http://teletorn.ee/en/the-view

    No images yet I’m afraid but hopefully they will broadcast something soon. I guess the only other option is to get yourself over to Tallinn this summer to see it in person!

  3. dinkerson Reply

    Just stopped by from rayannsom’s site to say hi, and see what you’re all about on this blog.
    This is great stuff. What an interesting post. This read makes me want to research this tower and these events. I’m affraid I’m rather clueless about these things.

    No time now, but I’ll come back to read more later. Thanks. 🙂

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