Summer Cycling: Reminiscing

Cycling is undoubtedly the most liberating and efficient way to explore Tallinn. With numerous cycle paths and amazing natural scenery, a bike is almost as essential as a camera… maps are optional.

This gorgeous forest is located on Rummu tee (near Pirita), a short ride from the TV Tower. Notice the quaint, yet slightly eerie, cemetary on the right hand side of the path. Very Interesting.

Apologies for the shaky footage. This video was taken in the pre-GoPro era:

4 thoughts on “Summer Cycling: Reminiscing

  1. E. He Reply

    If only biking in Beijing could be like that… I would mostly be run over by a car, or another bicycle. Or even more likely, I would probably run a pedestrian over.

    1. tomtonks Reply

      I know what you mean, it’s the same in my home city – London. Buses, cars, vans, lorries, people, other cyclists… so many obstacles! Cycling in Tallinn is great as well because you can cycle on the pavements.

  2. E. He Reply

    You can cycle, walk, spit, run, drive, let your dogs loose on the pavements here…even our sidewalks are dangerous!

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