14 Free WIFI hotspots in Tallinn (e-Estonia in action!)

In this chaotic and diverse world, there is one common phrase that unites us as a species. A phrase that, when uttered, causes every human being, regardless of their colour, creed or culture to rejoice…

“Free WIFI”


Oh yeah, I felt that too. Even reading those words makes me happy.

Without an internet connection, us travellers are naked; vulnerable; incomplete. The Estonian government has recognised this and has provided free public internet access points to all residents and visitors.

I have scoured the city (phone in hand) in order to create the most useful list you will ever need during your time in Tallinn (because the internet loves a good list): 14 Free WIFI hotspots. Enjoy… and spread the love!

  • Connect your device to the ‘TallinnWIFI’ network
  • Open web browser
  • Satisfy your internet addiction and marvel at ‘e-Estonia’ in action

Easy, huh?

Address: Raekoja plats 1 (Google Maps Link)

Address: Vabaduse väljak 10 (Google Maps Link)

Adress: Viru tn. 23 (Google Maps Link)

Adress: Harju tn. 2 (Google Maps Link)

Address: Niguliste 2 (Google Maps Link)

Is this article useful to you? Maybe your friends, family or fellow travellers would appreciate it too?

Share this list and give the gift of free WIFI to the world!

Free WIFI outside of the Old Town

Address: Estonia pst 2 (Google Maps Link)

Address: Viru väljak 6 (Google Maps Link)

Address: A.Weizenbergi tn 26 (Google Maps Link)

Address: Merivälja tee 3 (Google Maps Link)

Address: Tulika tn 33b (Google Maps Link)

Address: Pelguranna tn 30 (Google Maps Link)

Address: Tartu maantee 101 (Google Maps Link)

Address: Lastekodu 46 (Google Maps Link)

Pretty much every café in and around the Old Town has free WIFI; a perfect opportunity to grab a coffee, pop online and share this article with all of your friends!

Other useful links for first-time visitors:

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